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Published: 02nd October 2009
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Dr Ming's Weight Loss Tea - The Real Truth

The popularity of tea as a diet tea drink continues to grow among health buffs. Tea no longer just is for ceremony and customs in certain cultures, or a light refreshing drink for others. These days tea is known for its health and diet benefits, specifically for losing off excess pounds, and Chinese weight loss tea is one of the best diet teas on the market.Tea is a hot drink made by infusing dried or crushed leaves of the tea plant in hot water. Historically, the Chinese used tea mostly for medicinal purposes, not just as a weight loss treatment. The Chinese used various herbs and leaves to find cures for ailments.

Tea also plays a major role in Chinese culture. It is the beverage in which many social rituals are often centered. But now worldwide it has grown in popularity as the Best Chinese weight loss tea. Chinese tea has eight common classifications. They are usally black, or compressed, maybe flowered, green, oolong, reds, white and yellow tea. Numerous types fall under these categories. These are brewed to make the now famous Chinese weight loss tea.

Even Green tea is perhaps the best known. long time know a one of the best as a weight loss tea, it is made from unfermented leaves. Produced mostly of coursein China, the leaves are pale in comparasion and have a slightly bitter flavor.Not bad though.

The Chinese have been knowing the health benefits of green tea for centuries. Being a high potent antioxidant, green tea cleanses the body of bad impurities. Additionally, it even also aids digestion, certifying it as a real weight loss tea.

Chinese tea contains polyphenols, a compound that aids in burning fat. It also stimulates metabolism and fat oxidation, which aid weight loss. This is achieved through thermogenesis or the process of heat production in the body. These qualities make this weight loss tea very effective and potent. This is the best thing about just sipping away on tea all day,I can drink weightloss tea for breakfast lunch and dinner if my husband would let

Green tea, which is very popular among the Chinese, also contains the antioxidant EGCG which is believed for centries to enhance metabolism, prevent the body from storing fat and depress appetite. Hence this weight loss tea is an ideal supplement to exercise and a nutritious diet.Chinese weight loss tea also has other health benefits including eliminating itching and swelling of the skin and enhancing memory.Haha we could all use that! It is also said to help in lowering the risk for certain types of cancer.

So actually, Dr Mings Chinese weight loss tea can help you gain not only a nice figure, but also overall good health too.

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